/fyo͞oɡ/ – Temp’rall Sho’gazing new release
26 July 2019
The co-founders of fyo͞oɡ/ consists of Katarina Boudreaux and Sam Tepper who set out to create originals and perform music that grips the soul and imagination in the process. This release is comprised of 3 originals mixed with tastefully chosen cover tunes which are both experimental and sometimes unexpected.

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Platform Dwellers – from Owl Hollow Press will be available May 8, 2018. Preorder here:

“ANATOMY LESSONS” — Poetry Chapbook published by Flutter Press, available May 6, 2016 at



Tommy’s Wine Bar, 8 pm

HEARTBREAK: THE BIOLOGICAL MUSICAL co-written by Katarina Boudreaux and Liz Kimbrough will be in NOLA’s Faux/Real Nov 14 and 15.  For tickets:

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Katarina is on the new artist playlist at Click here and tune in to listen, and be sure to put in a request for music from her latest CD, Mistral.

Mistral is now available through–click here to get it now. Mistral is also coming soon to iTunes.

Show at the Acoustic Cafe. Photographs by Lindsey Edwards and Lauren Lindsay

Show at the Acoustic Cafe.  Photographs by Wilfred Hernandez

Recording with Karen Kane

Katarina is pleased to announce a wrap of a recent recording session with music producer and recording engineer Karen Kane, who has produced names such as Tracy Chapman, Barenaked Ladies, Alix Olson, and others. See pictures from the session below:

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8/5/2010 Review in the New Haven Advocate:

Katarina Boudreaux, Thesia (self-released, Life is a tactile experience for Katarina Boudreaux. She’s a poet, a songwriter, a singer, an actress and a piano player, and ­— as evidenced by Thesia — every syllable, every finger movement, every beat of the heart is fully felt and fully expressed. Thesia is a 14-song album featuring Boudreaux on piano and vocals and Billy Bileca on upright bass. Boudreaux displays her Louisiana roots proudly (she lives in Fairfield County now) pounding out various stride, boogie, ragtime and funk influences. Telling titles are “Lagniappe” and “Peach Pie,” and a reference to “coffee and beignet” comes easily. Her full-on singing recalls the blues-shout style of Memphis Minnie. But it’s abundantly clear that Boudreaux is searching for her own musical voice, not just replicating the sounds of the South. Her songs are lyric-driven, featuring wordplay, abrupt image juxtapositions and long, prose-like sentences artfully crafted to tumble helter-skelter over the chord changes. Most of the songs have a suite-like quality, stopping and starting abruptly and turning on a dime from one feel to another. This suits her often painfully expressed observations of betrayal, heartbreak and loneliness — classic themes of all good Southern music. —James Velvet

7-30-2010 Making A Mix: With Katarina Boudreaux

Who: Katarina Boudreaux, a Louisiana native who now lives in New Fairfield. The singer/songwriter composes jazz- and ragtime-influenced piano romps that sound both classic and timeless at the same time. She calls her style of music zydeco piano.

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