Claw Swarm

by Katarina Boudreaux

A speckled sea of sky, a trout cast high wriggles against the grip of winter’s suffocating clawed fist.

A moving sky swarms in a mighty thrust of swirl and dip and shrieky black caw that envelopes even the slimmest thought of light.

Their butter glow eyes of deep night prophesy dot dark oiled frocks; red rimmed and gutter gloomy, they engage in a bee swarm of mad cackle chorus.

The sky stays still a moment, the blanket of cold a false respite.

En masse they dive as a wind whipped waterfall to rest on barren brushed brick, steel, concrete and trodden under earth.

A snap, and the sooty cape unfurls in ripple water rings to rise and circle, Hell’s minions loosed upon unsuspecting sky to turn tail to the doom of ice, pushing hard to meet the wet heat of the southern wind, selfishly leaving all else to the waste of the elements and the caked, cold dripping nose of winter.

Apple Blossom

by Katarina Boudreaux

A lie, a worm in an apple.

You, the worm squiggling about in frantic search of an exit.

Me, the apple rounding out, hardening my mash to trap you in your wiggling ways.

Pulp and juice slam together madly in a conductor-less concerted effort to hold together, to shore up your devious worm tunnels.

My apple blossom fails with a withering cry.

For a worm must dig, and an apple be eaten, and the core – the backbone around which all is built and torn – must be discarded and forgotten for the process to begin anew.

I must blossom into sweetness again and rid myself of your wormage.


by Katarina Boudreaux

To see the heaven of trillion days and endless sun play within the depths of sky dipped eyes… to feel the reach of all that is human, that is artificial, drip away from new-found silver stemming frond like from the limbs; to sleep with the well worked knowledge of cohabitve age ghosts wrapped about the big toe in simple, twisted bow.

For the days to fleet foot by with eyed vigilance and yet to stop feather light whir with the snap of your sparkled finger – to forget all that is right and remember all that was gold touched with the expense of earth born and carried precious jewel lips —

that is my lyric.